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La CFDT (1968-1995)
De l'autogestion au syndicalisme de proposition
From independent management to the unionization of productivity (1968-1995)
Nicolas Defaud
In this passionate history of the CFDT (Confédération française démocratique du travail), Nicolas Defaud shows how the CFDT has shifted from management-based socialism to apolitical reformism in less than a generation.

Gérard Adam

La CFTC (1940-1958)
Histoire politique et idéologique
Gérard Adam

La CGT à l'époque du Front populaire (1934-1939)
Essai de description numérique
Antoine Prost

Gérard Adam

Yves Tavernier

Les faux-semblants du Front national
Sociologie d'un parti politique
The False Pretences of the Front National
The sociology of a political party
Sylvain Crépon, Alexandre Dézé, Nonna Mayer
Since Marine Le Pen was elected president of the Front National in 2011, the party has broken all its electoral records, attracted an unprecedented number of new supporters, and elected the most officials ever in its history. But has the party truly changed? Fundamentally, the answer is no. This is the conclusion of the thorough investigation.

Yves Tavernier

La grève
Guy Groux, Jean-Marie Pernot
The number of strikes is declining, they are no more central in the protest repertoire of the working classes, but they are giving way to a more diffuse form of conflictuality.

La manifestation
Pierre Favre

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