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Paysans de Panama
Pierre Gilhodes

Peut-on sauver les forêts tropicales ?
Instruments de marchés et REDD+ versus principes de réalité
Can we Save Tropical Rainforest ?
Market Tools and the REDD System vs Realism
Romain Pirard
Close to 32 million acres of rainforest are destroyed each year. Many tools exist to stop this catastrophe. But are they quite innovative and competitive? A remarquable essay on the tracks to favor!

Proche-Orient : le pouvoir, la terre et l'eau
The Near-East: Power, Water and Land
Pierre Blanc
A geopolitical analysis of an unstable region considered from the largely overlooked, though determining in terms of power and security, point of view of agricultural and water policy.

L'univers politique des paysans dans la France contemporaine
Yves Tavernier, Michel Gervais, Claude Servolin

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