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Légitimer l'Europe
Pouvoir et symbolique à l'ère de la gouvernance
Legitimizing Europe
François Foret
This book deals with the symbolic aspect of the European expansion and national political life...

L'état de l'Union européenne 2007
L'Europe des biens publics
The state of the European Union 2007
The Europe of the public good
Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Jacques Le Cacheux
This book means to contribute to the European reconstruction.

Ni en emploi, ni en formation
Des jeunes laissés pour compte
Neither Employed, Nor in Training
The Youth Left Behind
Francis Kramarz, Martina Viarengo
Unemployment affects more young people with low education and skills. The solution to this problem is to improve educational provision. This book compares the performance of various education, training and prevention in several European countries - the Netherlands, Poland, France and Sweden - and the United States.

Les nouvelles frontières du social
L'intégration européenne et les transformations de l'espace politique de la protection sociale
The Future of European Welfare States
Recasting Welfare for a New Century
Maurizio Ferrera
The aim of this book is to examine the changing nature of the European social model and its capacity to deal with both domestic and external challenges in the early 21st Century.

Que fait l'Europe ?
What is Europe up to?
Renaud Dehousse, Florence Deloche-Gaudez, Sophie Jacquot
What is Europe up to? In what areas is it taking action? Is it meeting the expectations of its citizens? This work helps to better understand the policies of European institutions, their issues and priorities.

Le reflux de l'Europe
The Ebbing of Europe
Zaki Laïdi
An incisive essay on Europe's strenghts and weaknesses, as it seems to be stepping back on the international scene.

Le régime politique de l'Union européenne
4e édition mise à jour et augmentée
The political regime of the european union
4th edition updated and enlarged
Paul Magnette
Moving beyond traditional dichotomies and making compromise the main principle of European political life, this volume constitutes a genuine reference that allows us to better understand the challenges facing the European Union.

Religion(s) et identité(s) en Europe
L'épreuve du pluriel
Religion(s) and Identity(ies) in Europe
The test of plurality
Antonela Capelle-Pagacean, Patrick Michel, Enzo Pace
A rare work offering a panorama of the question of religion in Europe.

Le retour des villes européennes
2e édition augmentée d'une préface inédite
Patrick Le Galès

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