>AGORA DÉBATS/JEUNESSES (3 issues per year)
Le laboratoire d'idées au service des acteurs de la jeunesse

Agora débats/jeunesses intends, through research articles, deepen knowledge of young people, their situations, their lifestyle, their environment, their relationships with other generations. 

>AUTREPART (4 issues per year)

Co-published with IRD (Research and Development Institute), Autrepart is a social sience journal totally dedicated to promote research and knowledge on South sociéties.

>LES CHAMPS DE MARS (2 issues per year)
Revue d'études stratégiques


>CRITIQUE INTERNATIONALE (4 issues per year) 

Critique Internationale was created by the CERI in 1998. This quarterly journal is published by the Presses de Sciences Po and benefits from the support of the French Centre national de la recherche scientifique and the Centre national du Livre. Critique internationale publishes original, previously unpublished articles contributing to analyses of international relations and the political, economic and social dynamics at work in countries other than France. 

>ÉCOLOGIE & POLITIQUE (2 issues per year)
Sciences, cultures, sociétés

Faced with the global environmental crisis and social affects all human societies and threatens the survival of their people, Ecologie & Polique provides a forum for discussing theoretical uncompromising of the plurality of world views and lifestyles offered by various currents of political ecology.

Comprendre et analyser les transformations de l'État

Conceived as a meeting place, Gouvernement & action publique studies the activities of government and their effects, the transformations of executive bureaucracies, and questions the issues of management, administration, regulation, control, production and distribution public goods, citizen participation...

>RAISONS POLITIQUES (4 issues per year) 

Raisons politiques is the only existing French-language review of "political thought", by which we mean an attempt to broaden the classical scope of political philosophy to embrace dialogue between the social sciences and the Arts as well. An international forum for current research and researchers, Raisons politiques encourages a meeting of minds between established essayists and aspiring scholars and endeavors to unravel the complexity of political thought and its evolution.

>REVUE ÉCONOMIQUE (6 numéros par an)

The Revue économique has been publishing original research in theoretical and applied economics since 1950. It is a general interest journal open to all schools of thought in the discipline, with a target audience of teachers, researchers, students and professional economists in public administration, financial institutions and entities. Available on www.jstor.com

La revue académique de la discipline

Established in 1951, la Revue française de science politique, published by the French Political Science association and Sciences Po, is a leading scientific ans academic journal both in France and abroard. Now available in English on Cairn international et Jstor

La revue académique de la discipline

Henceforth published by the Presses de Sciences Po, the Revue Française de Sociologie, a quarterly review founded in 1960, publishes work that furthers knowledge of the social world and the development of conceptual and technical methods in the service of that knowledge. With an interdisciplinary academic readership, the Revue Française de Sociologie provides an open forum for sociological thought and plays an important role in promoting French and French-language sociological research. Now available in English on Cairn international et Jstor

>SOCIÉTÉS CONTEMPORAINES (4 issues per year)
Revue de sciences sociales pluridisciplinaire

Sociétés contemporaines is a scholarly journal for analysis and research int he field of social science. Independant of any Sociological school, the journal is open to sociological informed contributions from anthropologists, statisticians, historians, economists as well as poltiical scientists.

>SOCIOLOGIES PRATIQUES (2 issues per year)
Un espace intellectuel original pour agir au coeur des transformations

Eager to understand our changing world and to witness emerging social realities, Sociologiee pratiques is an original intellectual space that addresses the academic scientists as well as the sociologists working in companies.

>LES TRIBUNES DE LA SANTÉ - SÈVE (4 issues per year)
Revue prospective sur la santé et l'assurance maladie

Co-published with Editions de Santé, Les Tribunes de la santé develops a multidisciplinary approach on health and health insurance.

>20 & 21. REVUE D'HISTOIRE (4 issues per year)

Previously Vingtième Siècle. Revue d'histoire

20 & 21. Revue d'histoire deals with contemporary history, from the 1890s to today. It publishes original articles in all fields of historical research. The journal aims to bring the findings of French and foreign historical research not only academics and university students but also to the interested general public. 20 & 21. Revue d'histoire also periodically publishes special issues offering an in-depth study on a specific topic. Available on www.jstor.com

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