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anciennement "Vingtième siècle.Revue d'histoire"

20 & 21. Revue d'histoire is devoted to French, European and world history of the 20th century. It publishes original articles in all field of historical research: political, ideological, cultural, social, economical. Its goal is to help better understand our time by linking results of these historical studies to today's questions.


• ISSN : 02941759
• 4 issues per year
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Vingtième Siècle 134, avril-juin 2017
Vingtième siècle à l'épreuve du présent
et al.

Vingtième Siècle 131, juillet-septembre 2016
Les gauches et les colonies
The Left and the Colonies
et al., Céline Marangé
Table of contents: The political influence of colonial actors - The Birth of Vietnamese Republicanism - Algeria's Engineering of Socialist Colonial Policy - The Comintern, the French Communist Party and the Call for Algerian independence - The Messalistes and the French Left

Vingtième Siècle 130, avril-juin 2016
Sciences et religions au 20e siècle
Special Section: Science and Religion in the 20th Century
Dominique Avon, Denis Pelletier, et al.
Between science and religion, the dispute is old. This issue compares the three monotheistic traditions and the relationship between scientific reason and religious reason is built. The authors analyze four case studies borrowed from Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Vingtième Siècle 129, janvier-mars 2016
Où en est l'histoire du Québec ?
Where do we stand with the History of Quebec?
et al.
Knowing contemporary Quebec, the debates and the issues that dominate the country (nation, language, religion) is essential to understand this French America and to rethink the terms of transatlantic relations and transfers. Quebecois historians and sociologists offers to review the historiography of Quebec.

Vingtième Siècle 128, octobre-décembre 2015
Polices et événements politiques au 20e siècle
Special Section : Political Events and the Police in the 20th Century
et al.
Table of contents: Law Enforcement and Political Crises in the 20th Century - February 6th, 1934: A Police Crisis - Sao Paulo's Police Strike (13 and 14 Junuary 1961) - Law-and-Order Politics and Anti-Police Protest in Chicago's Black Ghetto (1943-1969) - The Stasi and the Peaceful Revolution - State Repression and Revolutionary in Tunisia

Vingtième Siècle 127, juillet-septembre 2015
Histoire et conflits de mémoire en Espagne
Special Issue : History and Memory Conflicts in Spain
et al.
This special issue explores the effects of these memorial debates on how history is written in the 20th Spanish century, offering an overview of research conducted over the past twenty years.

Vingtième siècle 126, avril-juin 2015
Femmes, genres et communismes
Special Section : Women, Genders and Communisms
et al.
Table of contents: Women on the Fringes?-Was "Women's Liberation" through Work in Communist China (1958-1976) a Fool's Game?-Actresses in Search of Roles-Polina Zhemchuzhina Molotov and the Wives of the Kremlin-The Promotion and Domination of Female Activists in Local French Communist Party Networks-Men and Women in Eastern Bloc Communist Parties..

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