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anciennement "Vingtième siècle.Revue d'histoire"

20 & 21. Revue d'histoire is devoted to French, European and world history of the 20th century. It publishes original articles in all field of historical research: political, ideological, cultural, social, economical. Its goal is to help better understand our time by linking results of these historical studies to today's questions.


• ISSN : 02941759
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Vingtième Siècle 124,octobre-décembre 2014
Militaires et pouvoirs au Moyen-Orient
Vingtième siècle 124, octobre-décembre 2014
Military and Powers in the Middle-East
et al.
Table of contents: The Lebanese Army, 1945 to 1975 - The Army in Iraq from 1932 to 1968 - The Birth of Military Regimes in the Middle East - Nasser, Amer and Their Army - Foreign Policy and the Military in Syria (1946-1970) - Politics and the Army in Turkey (1908-1980) - Politicians and Generals in Israel during the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Vingtième Siècle 123, juillet-septembre 2014
Histoire des sensibilités au 20e siècle
Special issue : A History of Sensibilities in the 20th Century
et al.
Table of contents: From Depth Psychology to a History of Sensibility - From Bloody Horror to Intolerable Animal Suffering - Gastronomic Curiosity and Exotic Cuisine in Interwar France - Honking and Crowing: France Discovers a New Noisy Existence - The Long Goodbye - The Metamorphosis of Intimacy - and more...

Vingtième Siècle 122, avril-juin 2014
Le génocide des Tutsi rwandais, vingt ans après
The Rwandan Tutsi Genocide, Twenty Years Later
et al.
On 7 April 1994, the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis began. Three months later: eight hundred thousand to one million victims. Vingtième Siècle analyses this major event of our contemporary history by giving voice to French and Rwandan researchers, young historians and anthropologists.

Vingtième Siècle 120, octobre-décembre 2013
Déclin et résilience du libéralisme britannique
et al.

Vingtième Siècle 118, avril-juin 2013
Héros nationaux et pères de la nation en Afrique
et al.

Vingtième Siècle 117, janvier-mars 2013
Historicités du 20e siècle. Coexistence et concurrence des temps
et al.

Vingtième Siècle 116, octobre-décembre 2012
Nouveaux regards sur le gaullisme et les gaullistes
et al.

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