Journal : Critique internationale
Revue comparative de sciences sociales

Critique Internationale, created by the CERI in 1998, publishes original, previously unpublished articles contributing to analyses of international relations and the political, economic and social dynamics at work in countries other than France.

• ISSN : 12907839
• 4 issues per year
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Critique internationale 71, avril-juin 2016
Les petits États au prisme du multilatéralisme
Auriane Guilbaud, et al.

Critique internationale 70, janvier-mars 2016
L'internationalisation des causes sexuelles
The internationalization of sexual causes
Christophe Broqua, Olivier Fillieule, Marta Roca i Escoda, et al.
The articles of the dossier analyze the process of internationalization of mobilizations related to sexuality in Europe, North America and Africa. The variety of geographical and cultural contexts captures the struggles that develop around the globalization phenomenon of sexuality.

Critique internationale 69, octobre-décembre 2015
L'argent domestique : des pratiques aux institutions
et al.
Table of contents: Argentina, 2001-2003 - Juggling Wealth in India and Mexico - Senegalese Immigrants and Savings - Private Clients, Banks and Trust - How Swedish Employees Became Financial Product Consumers - Chinese Perceptions of a Crisis-Ridden EU - What Security Architecture for the Mediterranean? - From Citizen Power to People Power

Critique internationale 68, juillet-septembre 2015
Voir l'histoire : sources visuelles et écriture du regard
et al.
The purpose of this dossier is therefore to examine how the visual - something seen , act of seeing and visibility regime - has transformed the study and writing of the past.

Critique internationale 67, avril-juin 2015
Politiques du plaidoyer
Political Advocacy
et al.
During the last twenty years, the advocacy has established itself in the world of international organizations as in the field of academic research. This dossier explores the historicity, forms and actors of this type of mobilization and its consequences.

Critique internationale 66, janvier-mars 2015
Communismes et circulations transnationales
et al.
Table of contents: Authentically Socialist Techniques?-Transnational Practices for an International-Fraternity or Formality? Local Relationships between Communist Parties in the Soviet Bloc-Only One Way to Be a Communist?-"Sisterhood" Put to the Test-Charisma as an Emotional Resource of the Social Movement?-“Turmoil in the Local”...

Critique internationale 65, octobre-décembre 2014
Les conflits du travail dans le monde. Vol 2. Défendre les travailleurs : acteurs, pratiques et enjeux internationaux das relations professionnelles
et al.
Table of Contents : The Failure of Labor Conflict Institutionalization in South African Mines - Economic Crisis and Social Protest in Spain - The Emergence of Autonomous Collective - Labor Conflicts in Germany - The Spring 2006 Immigrant Movement - The Prebendary State and Industrial Policy in Cambodia - etc.

Critique internationale 64, juillet-septembre 2014
Les conflits du travail dans le monde. Vol. 1 Construire le conflit au travail : des mobilisations entre ruptures, circulations et continuités
et al.
Table of contents: "Making Change at Walmart" - Extending the Domain of the Struggle - An Apprenticeship under Tension - Between Exit and Voice - Working Class Origin as a Resource within Elites in France, the United States and India - In the Shadow of Recognition - Two Decades of Structural Transformation in the German Economy

Critique internationale 63, avril-juin 2014
Vers un renouveau de l'État développeur en Asie ?
Towards a Renewal of Developmental State in Asia?
et al.
Table of contents: Neo-Liberal Hybridaization of the Japnese Developmental State - The Reconstruction of the Developmental Alliance in South Korea and Taiwan - The Developmental State: A Conceptual Defence - The State and Industrial Development in India - Towards a Developmental State in Kazakhstan? - The Rise of the Chinese Capitalism - and more..

Critique internationale 62, janvier-mars 2014
Politiques du changement climatique
Critique internationale 62, janvier-mars 2014
Climate Changes Policies
et al.
Summary: Twenty Years of Global Climatic Governance Impasse: For Another Order of Governmentality - Governing the Climate, Constructing Europe: The History of the Creation of a Carbon Market (ETS) - The Trans-Scalar Interplay of Paper Manufactures in the Framework of the Implementation of Climate and Energy Policy: the Case of Aquitaine - ...

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