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Established in 1951, Revue française de science politique, published by the French Political Science association and Sciences Po, is a leading scientific and academic journal both in France and abroard.

The English version of this issue is published thanks to the support of the CNRS and available at and on JTSOR.

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• ISSN : 00352950
• 6 issues per year
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Revue française de science politique 66-3/4, août 2016
Politiques de l'organisation
The Politics of Organization
Philippe Bezes, Patrick Le Lidec, et al.
On the eve of crucial elections, this double issue of the Revue française de science politique aims to better understand the new architecture of power in France.

revue française de science politique 66-1, février 2016
Prétendre représenter la représentation politique comme revendication
et al.
Table of contents: Making Representative Claims - A World Parliament of Labour? - A Representative Claim Made in the Name of Women? - How Some Actors Become a Representative in Brazilian Participatory Institutions? - Representation as a Performance - Publicity and Transparency

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