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Revue française de sociologie 58-1, janvier-mars 2017
In memoriam François-André Isambert
et al.

Revue française de sociologie 57-4, octobre-décembre 2016
Sociologie du périurbain
Peri-urban Studies
Julien Damon, Hervé Marchal, Jean-Marc Stébé, et al.
Table of contents: Sociologists and the peri-urban - The "peri-urbanization" issue - Areas caught between rise and decline - How to regulate the peri-urban city - Property development under environmental constraints

Revue française de sociologie 57-3, juillet-septembre 2016
Internationalisation de la recherche scientifique
Practices and rhetoric of the internationalization of science
et al.

Revue française de sociologie 56-4, octobre-décembre 2015
et al.
table of contents: Deliberate risk-taking with money: The consumption patterns of gambling - Scientific Durkheimianism and the Durkheimianism of action: François Simiand and the International Labour Office (1920-1930) - The Sanitization of Criminal Justice? The Use of Illness in Criminal Trials - Political pluralism within private life circle

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