Zero waste in the Mediterranean. Natural Ressources, Food and Knowledge
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Agriculture and food security are two major global challenges. Situated at the heart of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they raise several strategic issues both for countries and for international cooperation. "Produce more and better" is the recommendation to help address the challenges related to population growth, changing consumption patterns and scarcity of natural and financial production resources. In this context, the reduction of agricultural losses and food waste has become a priority.

The Mediterranean region is particularly concerned by these dynamics, which affect human security, inclusive economic and social development and adaptation to climate change. The issue of waste has to be understood not only from the perspective of responsible management of natural resources and of production and consumption of food, but also of enhancement of knowledge and knowhow.

Mediterra 2016 proposes an integrated, innovative and forward-looking approach to the issues of triple waste reduction (of natural resources, food and knowledge). This new edition offers a collection of shared expertise and local experiences in the Mediterranean region. It focuses on providing solutions for action, and is aimed at policy-makers, development operators, professionals and researchers.

This publication is co-edited by the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), two international organizations working within the framework of a strategic partnership for sustainable
development in the Mediterranean.


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FAO Organisation des Nations unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture, CIHEAM,
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28 novembre 2016
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José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director General
Cosimo Lacirignola, CIHEAM Secretary General




PART 1 NATURAL RESOURCES in the Mediterranean

> CHAPTER 1 Global perspective of natural resources

Matthieu Brun, Pierre Blanc, Halka Otto


> CHAPTER 2 Management of living marine resources

Anna Carlson, Francesc Maynou, Bernardo Basurco, Miguel Bernal


> CHAPTER 3 Management of water resources

Andre Daccache, Maha Abdelhameed Elbana, Abdelouahid Fouial, Fawzi Karajeh, Roula Khadra, Nicola Lamaddalena, Ramy Saliba, Alessandra Scardigno, Pasquale Steduto, Mladen Todorovic


> CHAPTER 4 Sustainable development of land resources

Pandi Zdruli, Feras Ziadat, Enrico Nerilli, Daniela D'Agostino, Fadila Lahmer, Sally Bunning


> CHAPTER 5 Forests: facing the challenges of global change

Inazio Martínez de Arano, Valentina Garavaglia, Christine Farcy


> CHAPTER 6 Plant and animal resources diversity

Badi Besbes, Christini Fournaraki, Francesca Marina Tavolaro, Katerina Koutsovoulou, Grégoire Leroy, Irene Hoffmann


> CHAPTER 7 Energy and agri-food systems: production and consumption

John Vourdoubas, Olivier Dubois


> CHAPTER 8 The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development in the Mediterranean

Mélanie Requier-Desjardins, Dorian Kalamvrezos Navarro


PART 2 FOOD LOSSES AND WASTE in the Mediterranean


> CHAPTER 9 Food losses and waste: global overview from a Mediterranean perspective

Roberto Capone, Anthony Bennett, Philipp Debs, Camelia Adriana Bucatariu, Hamid El Bilali, Jennifer Smolak, Warren T.K. Lee, Francesco Bottalico, Yvette Diei-Ouadi, Jogeir Toppe


> CHAPTER 10 The Mediterranean diet: a sustainable consumption pattern

Fatima Hachem, Roberto Capone, Mary Yannakoulia, Sandro Dernini, Nahla Hwalla, Chariton Kalaitzidis


> CHAPTER 11 Innovative postharvest technologies for sustainable value chain

Panagiotis Kalaïtzis, Elena Craita Bita, Martin Hilmi


> CHAPTER 12 Innovation for the reduction of food losses and waste

Biagio Di Terlizzi, Robert Van Otterdijk, Alberto Dragotta, Patrina Pink, Hamid El Bilali


> CHAPTER 13 Consumer behaviour with respect to food losses and waste

Luis Miguel Albisu


PART 3 KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWHOW in the Mediterranean

> CHAPTER 14 Waste of knowledge and human resources

Pascal Bergeret, Nora Ourabah Haddad, Rodrigo Castaneda Sepúlveda


> CHAPTER 15 Saving traditional knowhow in agriculture

Pascal Bergeret, Juliette Prazak, Caterina Batello


> CHAPTER 16 Family farming to bolster human knowhow and resources

Pascal Bergeret, Nora Ourabah Haddad, Sara Hassan, Francesco Maria Pierri


> CHAPTER 17 Enhancing knowledge for food security

Biagio Di Terlizzi, Mohammed Bengoumi, Hamid El Bilali, Alberto Dragotta