the Future of Agriculture and Food in Mediterranean Countries
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Ce livre s'attache moins à définir le contenu de la politique étrangère française qu’à en démonter les mécanismes d’élaboration et de mise en œuvre. Il se concentre sur la Cinquième République et sur l’actualité des dernières années tout en donnant des aperçus sur les leçons de l’histoire. La politique étrangère ne se résume pas à son aspect géostratégique classique. Elle rassemble des politiques sectorielles : coopération au développement, politique européenne, diplomatie économique, diplomatie culturelle, aide d’urgence.

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• Building the future

• The geopolitics of the Mediterranean

• Forums for Mediterranean Cooperation

ANALYSIS of agriculture and the agro-food situation in the Mediterranean region

CHAPTER 1 The socio-demographic context
• The demographic dynamics in the Mediterranean
• The outlook for the Mediterranean

• Probable socio-demographic trends

CHAPTER 2 The geo-economic context
• Economic dynamics in the Mediterranean region
• The development and place of agriculture in the Mediterranean economy

CHAPTER 3 Natural resources
• Climate disruption in the Mediterranean region
• Soil, a much-coveted resource
• Blue gold?
• Forest land, a threatened heritage
• Energy: a new deal
• The limits have been reached

CHAPTER 4 Science, technology and innovation
• Innovation and changes in agro-food systems
• Education and research systems in the agricultural and agro-food sector
• ICTs: an aid to convergence or widening the gap?
• Biotechnologies in food and agriculture
• Pursuing the march of progress together

CHAPTER 5 Dietary patterns and trends in consumption
• Food consumption and eating habits in the Mediterranean
• Food security ensured but food quality a weaker point
• Food quality: a growing challenge

CHAPTER 6 Governance in the rural and agricultural world
• Actions by Mediterranean States for agriculture and the rural world
• The emergence of local actors in rural governance
• The environmental question at the heart of Mediterranean co-operation
• The contrasting reality and outlook for the Mediterranean rural world

FROM ANALYSIS to action priorities
• The socio-demographic context
• The geo-economic context
• Natural resources
• Science, technology and innovation
• Dietary patterns and trends in consumption
• Governance in the rural and agricultural world

• Launching action

ACTION PRIORITIES for Mediterranean agriculture and agro-food production in the world of 2020

CHAPTER 7 Reconciling production and management of scarce resources
• On the horns of climatic change and energy shortages
• Saving water: a vital challenge
• Observing, planning, legislating: three challenges for the protection of Mediterranean soils
• The crossroads

CHAPTER 8 Ensuring food security and food safety
• Including ecological and nutritional sustainability in development plans
• Reconciling modernisation and tradition in the interplay between actors
• Bearing the local market in mind while joining the international market
• Devising sectoral policies which include nutrition and health
• Several forward-looking scenarios
• The avenues to be explored
• Food security and food safety are crucial to harmonious development at the local level

CHAPTER 9 Supply and marketing of agricultural commodities
• Organisation of agro-food supply in the Mediterranean region: trends and dynamics
• Fundamental challenges and hypotheses: players, levers for action, resources and impediments
• Scenarios for quality agro-food supply in the Mediterranean region

CHAPTER 10 Development strategies for rural areas
• The rural population in the Mediterranean in 2020
• Four key factors in the evolution of today's societies
• A major challenge: the regional approach to rural development
• Some scenarios for the future of rural spaces

CHAPTER 11 Strengthening and consolidating education and research capacities
• New competencies and new expertise
• Improving the relationship between education and work
• Constructing a Euro-Mediterranean research area
• Infusing knowledge, promoting innovation

• Possible futures, a desirable future

GLOBAL SCENARIOS for Mediterranean agriculture
• The future: an open book
• An overview of future Mediterranean scenarios
• Action is needed now to build the future we want

PROPOSALS for action
• General approaches
• Technical proposals


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