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A complete overview of business, logistical and economic issues in the Mediterranean.

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30 janvier 2014
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30 janvier 2014
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20 février 2014
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> CHAPTER 1 A geohistory of agricultural trade: the long time span that enlightens the present
Pierre Blanc

> CHAPTER 2 The development of Euro-Mediterranean agricultural trade and new prospects
Rym Ben Zid

> CHAPTER 3 Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world: disconnected agricultural regions
Mihoub Mezouaghi

> CHAPTER 4 Agro-trade dynamics of the Black Sea countries
Natalija Riabko

> CHAPTER 5 Mediterranean agricultural and agro-food trade: caught between American giants and emerging Asian countries
Foued Cheriet and Jean-Louis Rastoin

> CHAPTER 6 Transport infrastructure and logistics: the strategic levers of trade and competitiveness
Mustapha El Khayat

> CHAPTER 7 The geo-economics of the agro-food trade between the Arab Mediterranean countries and the Gulf
Matthieu Brun

> CHAPTER 8 Trade and logistics: the case of the grains sector
Sebastien Abis, Francois Luguenot and Pierre Raye

> CHAPTER 9 Trade and logistics: the fruit and vegetables industry
Giulio Malorgio and Antonio Felice

> CHAPTER 10 Seafood in Mediterranean countries
Bernardo Basurco, Jose Estors Carballo and Audun Lem

> CHAPTER 11 Trade and logistics: the case of the olive oil sector
Dimitrios Niklis, George Baourakis, Boubaker Thabet and Georgios Manthoulis

> CHAPTER 12 Trade and logistics: the case of the livestock and ruminants meat chain
Nils Beaumond and Philippe Chotteau

> CHAPTER 13 Trade and logistics: the case of the wine industry
Roberto Capone, Maroun El-Moujabber, Gianluigi Cardone, Felice Adinolfi, Jorgelina Di Pasquale and Daniel El Chami

> CHAPTER 14 Ports and logistics: an overview of policies and strategies
Dimitrios V. Lyridis and Eirini Stamatopoulou

> CHAPTER 15 A geography of rail, road and air transport
Marco Spinedi and Eleonora Morganti

> CHAPTER 16 The cold chain, a crucial link to trade and food security
Gerald Cavalier, Soumia El Hadji andI˙brahim Sani Ozdemir

> CHAPTER 17 Infrastructure, logistics and agro-food dynamics in Turkey
Selma Tozanli

> CHAPTER 18 Infrastructure and agro-food logistics in Albania
Tokli Thomaj and Arjana Misha

> CHAPTER 19 Transport, logistics and agro-food development in Algeria
Mohamed Naili

> CHAPTER 20 Malta: a logistical hub
David Raphael Busuttil

> CHAPTER 21 Infrastructure and agro-food logistics in Egypt
Ayman Abou-Hadid

> CHAPTER 22 Trade, logistics and agro-food strategies in Portugal
Alexandra Seabra Pinto and Joaquim Cabral Rolo

> CHAPTER 23 Private food safety and quality standards in international trade
Oliver von Hagen, Joseph Wozniak and Mathieu Lamolle

> CHAPTER 24 From agricultural production to agro-food trade: the energy challenges
El Hassane Bourarach and El Houssain Baali

> CHAPTER 25 From local markets to international trade: logistics and debate on the food miles concept
Luis Miguel Albisu

> CHAPTER 26 Agrotechnoparks: working towards innovative systems
Eva Galvez

> CHAPTER 27 Transport and logistics: territorial issues and the role of local and regional authorities
Andree Pasternak and Jean-Paul Pellissier

> CHAPTER 28 Innovation in logistics and in the supply chain integrated approach
Massimo Iannetta, Giorgio Matranga, Claudia Zoani, Stefano Canese, Lorenza Daroda, Fabio Vitali and Giovanna Zappa

Raul Compes Lopez