La mondialisation

La mondialisation

3e édition
Introduction by Jacques Lévy

The phenomenon of globalization provokes whirlwinds of expansion and intensification of change in all arenas: scientific, technological, demographic, economic, and cultural. The dynamic of the vast networks established by globalization tends toward the removal of territorial control. But the world, which is also a physical place, is present in every corner of the planet. Far from making the world uniform, globalization is not at all a menace to skilled labour, on the contrary, it multiplies opportunity.

A reference on globalization, this work by Olivier Dollfus, inventor of the “World System” in 1984, constitutes the introduction of a mode of thought which makes possible an understanding of globalization at once concrete and conceptual, as emphasized by Jacques Lévy in an impassioned preface to this third edition.

Olivier Dollfus

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