France-Suisse ou la force du petit

France-Suisse ou la force du petit

Évasion fiscale, relations commerciales et financières (1940-1954)
Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl
France-Switzerland or the power of the litlle
Capital Evasion, Commercial and Financial relations (1940-1954)

This economic history text describes the profitable relationship between France and Switzerland between 1940 and 1954. If the subject is rather pointed, it offers the reader an incomparable perspective on the battle France waged to recover money hidden in Switzerland.

France has always been a great source of behind the scenes funds bound for Switzerland, since at least as far back as the 18th century. France has thus helped Switzerland become a hub of international finance. The political game with this Helvetian neighbor in fiscal matters is a game for three in which the United States exerts an important influence, adding a fourth where the United Kingdom is concerned. This book shows that during the post-war years an absence of American support blocked French efforts, but that today the relationship remains valuable.

The exceptionally precise analysis proposed by Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl rings true now more than ever.

Table of Contents
- The Contextualization of financial and market relation
- Berne, Vichy and Algiers during the Second World War
- The Revival of Franco-Swiss relations under the eye of Washington (1945)
- Between crisis and consolation of acquisitions (1946-1949)
- Capital evasion, the stakes of the game between the United States, Switzerland and France (1945-1949)
- The lifting of financial litigation (1947-1954)
- The liberalization of trade (1950-1954)

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