Sociétés contemporaines 93, 2014

Sociétés contemporaines 93, 2014

L'agence financière, volume 2
The Sociology of Financial Agency

Sabine Montagne, Horacio Ortiz

Go-Go Managers versus Future Nobel Prize Laureates: The Genesis of the Modern Professional Investor 1962-1973
Sabine Montagne

The Risk of Rating: Negotiating Trust ans Responsability in the 19th Century Credit Information
Barry Cohen & Bruce G. Carruthers

(De)valuing the Future: The Discounted Cash Flow Formula and the Investing Manager
Liliana Doganova

Towards a Sociological Account of Postcolonialism
A case-study: Tu Weiming's New Confucianism
Thomas Brisson

Also of interest

La liberté de choisir
Pluralisme religieux et pluralisme politique dans le catholicisme français contemporain
Jean-Marie Donegani


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