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Autrepart 81, 2017
Savoirs autochtones et développement
Mina Kleiche-Dray, et al.

Terres, pouvoirs et conflits
Une agro-histoire du monde
Land, power and conflict
An agrohistory of the world
Pierre Blanc
Because land possession remains a critical political objective, Pierre Blanc reviews contemporary history by placing the issue of land ownership at the heart of power relations. This book provides an agrohistory of the world in order to shed light on the geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

Puissances moyennes dans le jeu international
Le Brésil et le Mexique aux Nations unies
Brazil and Mexico at the United Nations
Mélanie Albaret
This book questions the international cooperation by highlighting the roles, uses and transformative effects of multilateralism through the multilateral insertion of Brazil and Mexico at the United Nations (UN).

La Gauche en Amérique latine, 1998-2012
The Left in America Latina
Olivier Dabène
Over the last ten years, Latin American Left seems to succeed in everything it undertakes. An original assessment of the political, social and economic transformations of Latin America, which may lead to growth and equitable development.

Vingtième Siècle 105, janvier-mars 2010
L'Amérique latine des régimes militaires
Vingtième siècle 105, janvier - mars 2010
Latin America under Military Regime
et al.

Atlas de la mondialisation 2009
Comprendre l'espace mondial contemporain - Dossier spécial Brésil
Globalization Atlas
To understand Contemporary World Space - Special report on Brazil
Marie-Françoise Durand, Philippe Copinschi, Benoît Martin, Delphine Placidi-Frot
New design, new maps, new graphics and a special report on Brazil! Acessible and instructional, the Atlas describes the dynamic paradoxical changes essential for a full comprehension of globalization processes. Translated in Chinese, Portugese, Spanish

Amérique latine, les élections contre la démocratie?
Latin America : Elections Against Democracy ?
Olivier Dabène

La région Amérique latine
Interdépendance et changement politique
The Latin American Region
Interdependence and Political Change
Olivier Dabène
To understand cycles of political change in Latin America...

Réinventer la démocratie
Le défi latino-américain
Georges Couffignal

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