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L'Eglise catholique est-elle anticapitaliste ?
Is the Catholic Church anti-capitalist?
Jacques-Benoît Rauscher
There is a Catholic doctrine on capitalism, but it must be read between the lines of the pontifical texts. It could be summarized as follows: it is possible to operate within capitalist structures, but only to the extent that one does not adopt the behavior that capitalism presupposes. This is a position that requires a certain juggling act.

Revue économique 69-6, novembre 2018
Les Nouvelles frontières de l'Etat
David Martimort, et al.

Théories de l'économie politique internationale
Cultures scientifiques et hégémonie américaine
Theories of International Political Economy
Scientific Cultures and American Hegemony
Stéphane Paquin
Born in the 1970s in the US, the UK and Canada, international political economy (IPE) has helped us to understand the transformations of the international scene. A critical overview of the main actors, debates and paradigms that structure the discipline.

Capitalismes émergents
Économies politiques comparées, Europe de l'Est et Asie du Sud-Est
Emerging Capitalisms
Comparing Political Economies of Central Europe and South East Asia
François Bafoil
A unique comparative history of South East Asian and Central European economies, before and after 1989, through the prism of different models of political domination.

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