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Gouverner (par) les finances publiques
Governing (via) Public Finance
Philippe Bezes, Alexandre Siné
This book analyses public finances, in a context marked by the issue of government debt, budget constraints and the renewed policy of rigor and fiscal reforms.

Dictionnaire des politiques territoriales
Dictionary of Territorial Politics
Alistair Cole, Sébastien Guigner, Romain Pasquier
A never before published synthesis, this dictionary explores the territorial universe of political institutions, actors and sectoral politics. It offers a complete and original point of view on the fabric of territories.

La réforme des armées en France
Sociologie de la décision
Military Reform in France
Sociology of the decision
Bastien Irondelle
BAsed on political sociology and military sociology, this fine research work, provides a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of the French forces.

Politiques publiques 2, Changer la société
Public Policy 2, Changing society
Olivier Borraz, Virginie Guiraudon
Second volume of the Public Policy series, this opus focuses on the effects of public action on the social and political body

Les Justes de France
Politiques publiques de la mémoire
The Righteous of France
The public politics of memory
Sarah Gensburger
The term "Righteous of France" makes reference to "Righteous Among the Nations" created by the Hebrew State. The expression has been reclaimed by French public powers. The author confrontes several of questions posed by contemporary debates on memory.

Les nouvelles frontières du social
L'intégration européenne et les transformations de l'espace politique de la protection sociale
The Future of European Welfare States
Recasting Welfare for a New Century
Maurizio Ferrera
The aim of this book is to examine the changing nature of the European social model and its capacity to deal with both domestic and external challenges in the early 21st Century.

Les politiques du risque
The Politics of Risk
Olivier Borraz
The notion of risk has taken center stage in public politics, the management of public and private organizations. The goal of this work is to demonstrate the successive steps explaining the assessment of risk in our advanced societies.

Politiques publiques 1, La France dans la gouvernance européenne
Public Politics
1, France in European Governance
Olivier Borraz, Virginie Guiraudon

L'Élite des politiques de l'État
The Elite of State Politics
William Genieys
William Genieys advances the thesis of the emergence of a state political elite...

Gouverner par contrat
Government by Contract
2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded
Jean-Pierre Gaudin

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