Regards sur la terre 2009. L'annuel du développement durable

Regards sur la terre 2009. L'annuel du développement durable

La gouvernance du développement durable
A Planet For Life 2009
The governance of sustainable development

How is sustainable development to be made a reality ? More than fifteen years after the Rio Conference, the question remains unanswered and has in fact made more urgent by the vigorous mobilization of non-state actors, NGO's, enterprises and local communities. Recognizing the inadequacy of today's governance system is not enough to settle the issue : we need to identify the premises of a new type of governance given the ongoing dynamics.

Featuring in A Planet For Life 2009
Highlights of 2008 and the agenda of upcoming key events for 2009

A special section on the global governance of sustainable development, in the three parts, complete with graphics, info boxes and interviews :
1. Sustainable development : a challenge for the existing system
2. Dynamics of a changing world
3. Sustainable governance in a complex world

"Focuses" on sustainable development : maps, tables, timelines, economic, social and environmental summaries map out a new picture of sustainable development across the world.

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