Recherche et innovation

Recherche et innovation

Quelles stratégies politiques ?
Marcel Morabito
Research and Innovation
Choosing political strategies

Scientific research and technological innovation are at the heart of global issues in terms of energy, health and information, and consequently stimulate a great deal of competition.

What kind of structures should we promote in order to achieve the best performance? Which criteria should be favoured when selecting technologies and developing projects? What sort of cultural environment should we rely on to encourage innovation? How can we find a sustainable balance between local, national and global initiatives?

Drawing upon his numerous missions throughout America, Asia and Europe, Marcel Morabito offers a unique overview of current research and innovation models around the globe, also providing manysuggestions on ways to improve the French system.

Marcel Morabito is a professor at Sciences Po and serves as an advisor to the director of terminological research for the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA).

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