Des compétences pour les jeunes défavorisés

Des compétences pour les jeunes défavorisés

Leçons américaines
Skills for Underpriviledged Youth
Lessons from America

Providing all young people, whatever their social origin, with skills for independence – this should be the mission of any education and training system. In France, however, we let nearly 120 000 young people leave the school system every year without any qualifications, due to a lack of early intervention and appropriate methods.

It is possible however to change the destiny of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, as the valuable American experience in this area shows. For nearly forty years, the United States has invested tens of billions of dollars annually in innovative programmes, and evaluated the impact of these programmes on the future of young people.

Analysing what American practice has shown to be the most effective in the long-term, Stéphane Carcillo proposes a radically new approach to accompanying young people in difficulty towards working life.

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