Morale ou finance ?

Morale ou finance ?

La déontologie dans les pratiques financières
Finance or Morality?
The Ethics of Financial Practices

The inability of financial institutions to prevent predatory conduct and uncontrolled risk-taking — both facilitated by the growing complexity of financial products and technological expansion — has recently been exposed.

Why was the establishment of an ethical code in the world of finance unable to prevent scandals from occurring, consequently subjecting its professionals to moral criticism and indictment for their responsibility in said scandals?

Judith Assouly breaks open the black box of financial control, a form of supervision conducted by the financial players themselves. How were the rules of conduct employed or evaded by financial market professionals in order to protect their practices?

This work is the fruit of in-depth analysis of interviews as well as real situations and helps to further our analysis of the crucial elements at stake, especially when the financial world and the global economy are still experiencing repercussions from 2008's crisis.

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