Les chemins de l'État de droit

Les chemins de l'État de droit

La voie étroite des pays entre Europe et Russie
Rule of Law as State-Making
The European Neighbourhood in Perspective

This clear and well-documented study on the emergence of the rule of law in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus offers reflections which can also be applied to other contexts, in particular the events of the Arab Spring.

Florent Parmentier presents a new perspective on the emergence of the rule of law in those countries situated east of the European Union's borders, striking a balance between the 'institutional optimism’ that had prevailed in Central Europe after 1989, and the ‘cultural pessimism’ born of the difficulties and repeated failures encountered in the attempt to establish the rule of law in the post-Soviet space.

The first chapter presents the concept of the rule of law, as well as its accompanying ideas and institutions. The second chapter describes European institutional optimism, a legacy from the period when the Union’s expansion was being planned and which was ultimately projected onto Eastern Europe. The following chapter investigates the shortcomings of this perspective. The fourth chapter addresses the issue of cultural pessimism, while the final chapter tackles the latter’s implications through the lens of the different revolutions scattered throughout the 2000s.

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