Penser la décroissance

Penser la décroissance

Politiques de l'Anthropocène
Envisioning Degrowth
Anthropocene Politics

Since the beginning of the industrial age two hundred years ago, human activity has profoundly altered natural cycles: hence the term Anthropocene to designate our contemporary era.

As fuel inventories run dry, the exuberant consumption of energy linked to growth-centered economies is coming to an end. What will be the political, economic and social repercussions of such a system, founded on a boundless thirst for natural resources?

As a period of acceleration, the Anthropocene era is on its last legs. The 21st century will be known as that of a 'decline in energy'. Confronted as we are with a dramatic break in the history of time, it is imperative that we rapidly adopt a model other than productivism.

Agnès Sinaï is the co-founder and president of Institut Momentum on the Anthropocene era and its issues, which is a think-tank on post-growth societies. She is also an environmental journalist and a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, where she works on the politics of degrowth.

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