Les dédales du droit social

Les dédales du droit social

Because it interfères with their daily life, social législation can be ignored by neither wage earners nor employers. In this area of social law as in others, (the cultural or économie fields for example), there exist inequalities with respect to knowledge and the means to acquire it. In the relations between employers and wage earners, between services and their users, between lawyers and the lay, such inequalities represent, for those who hâve some knowledge, positions of strength which reinforce their power. The area in which this should not happen is that of « social rights », whose very object is to provide légal remédies for inequality. But the social catégories whose protection is organized by the law are those most lacking in légal knowledge and the cultural means necessary for implementing such protection. To what extent is it possible to combat social inequalities with an instrument whose use is socially unequal ?

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