La  Palestine. Un enjeu, des stratégies, un destin

La Palestine. Un enjeu, des stratégies, un destin

This work relates the history, beginning in 1967, of a political-military strategy operating on three fronts : domestic, régional and international. Going back to the origins of the conflict, studying its roots and mechanisms, not neglecting comparisons with other résistance movements, the author sets light on preconceptions, paradoxes and dark points. Beyond the feeling of confusion caused by the spasms of a contradictory and elliptic story, there appears the underlying logic of the Middle East conflict : from the création of Israël to the Lebanese convulsions, the longest of the major post-war conflicts is only a random chain of unrelated events. The book reveals the relentless chain of effects and causes which stratégies often ignore but which in the end nobody can escape. Its rigorous construction reveals the tragic dimension of this 30-year war.