La société chinoise vue par ses sociologues

La société chinoise vue par ses sociologues

Migrations, villes, classe moyenne, drogue, sida
Preface by Christian Baudelot
Chinese Society as seen by its Sociologists
Migrations, Cities, the Middle Class, Drugs, and AIDS

This book offers an alternative comprehension of Chinese society, from a markedly unique perspective on subjects rarely penetrated until now. This is no attempt to follow China’s evolution toward a market economy, democracy, or the state of its human rights policy—simply put, to know China by its “transition”—but instead to analyze how its social norms are constructed. The objective is to demonstrate that understanding Chinese society doesn’t happen by examining the tension between “western thought” and “Chinese thought” but through utilizing the tools of the social sciences.

A document of Chinese sociology revealing how Chinese researchers work today, this book combines ten inquiries at the heart of Chinese reality: city-country migration, the middle class, drugs and AIDS—the research accompanied by first hand applications to the work of this field.

Finally, this is a study of an exemplary collaboration, guided by the Franco-Chinese Social Sciences Workshop in Beijing, fruit fed by the dialogue between these Chinese sociologists coming from diverse horizons and a team of young sinologists in charge of translation.

Contributors to this work: Chen Yingfang, Jing Jun, Li Chunling, Li Qiang, Shen Yuan, Tong Xin, Zhang Letian, Zhou Xiaohong.

Jean-Louis Rocca

Sciences po - CERI
Jean-Louis Rocca is Director of the Franco-Chinese Social Sciences Workshop in Beijing, Professor in the Sociology department at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and manages research at CERI (Center of International Studies and Research at Sciences Po). He recently published The Chinese Condition (Karthala, 2006).

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