La  décision de majorité

La décision de majorité

Majority décisions appear to be natu-ral ways of doing things. Under analysis, this mode of collective choice appears extremely complex ; thus, when the aggregation ofindi-vidual préférences produces the circular si­tuation ftrst described by Condorcet, or when one must evaluate ail the ways in which the varions éléments of a majority décision can be structurée. We must also ask, in the light of political theory, if majority décisions do reflect a collective will capable of translating choices into history.

Pierre Favre

Comprendre le monde pour le changer
Epistémologie du politique
Understanding the world to change it
Pierre Favre
How can we establish a science of facts and unique processes for political phenomena, and take measures of social acts as we would for political decisions?

Etre gouverné
Etudes en l'honneur de Jean Leca
Being Governed
Studies in Honor of Jean Leca
Pierre Favre, Yves Schemeil
Every person is subjected to a governmental power in varying degrees. But the fact of being governed cannot be analyzed in its generality and complexity if only the recipients of public action are looked at.

La Manifestation
Pierre Favre

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