L'âge du jeu

L'âge du jeu

Pour une approche ludique des mutations numériques
The game era
For a play-based approach to digital transformation

Could playing games be the best way to make the most of the resources of the digital transformations currently underway ?

Long relegated to the area of pastimes and entertainment, play provides an essential contribution to the well-being and development of individuals as well as the balance of society.

With the help of new technologies, which radically increase the number and attraction of spaces for play and release the limitless talent of collective intelligence, younger generations have understood that by playfully appropriating the new cognitive and relational environment of the digital continent, they turn their backs on traditional hierarchies and the confiscation of knowledge. They carry out the vital adaptation of our old cultural and political models, leading the way into a new age, which is more emotional, more creative, and more human: the game era.

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