Du  récit en politique

Du récit en politique

L'affiche électorale italienne
Because political parties strive to outbid each other on common values, their discourse and vocabulary tend to become similar. This is particularly true of political posters, a means of communication between political parties and voters largely overlooked by political scientists and linguists. The author has taken a new direction by analyzing Italian campaign posters of the last ten years. She applies a semiotic method which enables her to use the concept of power, unlike the lexical approach usually applied to how they narrate politics, i.e. to the various powers that they attribute to the essential characters. Three types of narrative thus émerge, where in appear again the hero, the ogre and the princess. The choice of narrative mode is not arbitrary : it does appear to refer to the power relations which each party has, within the political System, with its competitors and its voters.

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