Chine brune ou Chine verte?

Chine brune ou Chine verte?

Les dilemmes de l'État-parti
Brown China or Green China ?
The dilemmas of the state party

China faces several challenges : a serious ecological crisis, social tensions linked notably to the distribution of land and its riches, and an international strategy that resembles the performance of a tight-rope walker. The State party, thrown into question by an emerging civil society, is no longer the motor behind but the brake against development. Finally, inhabited by a recurring uneasiness about its identity, China searches for its fair place in the global community.

Due to its political and economic stature, the challenges to which China must rise are the challenges of the entire planet. Is it still possible to encourage China to become a peaceful player within a global governance in flux ?

A plunge into the heart of the dilemmas that confront Chinese society and power today.

Benoît Vermander is a Doctor of Policial Sciences. He resides in Taiwan where he directs the Ricci Institute of Taipei and leads the electronic monthly

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