the Future of Agriculture and Food in Mediterranean Countries

In a context where agriculture is again high on the international agenda, Mediterra 2008 presents a forward-looking discussion of the future of agriculture and food in Mediterranean countries and proposes to contribute to the debate on co-operation policies in the Mediterranean Basin.

Mediterra 2008 highlights the strategic role and multi-sectoral dimension of Mediterranean agriculture, analysing the current trends and identifying action priorities in the region with a view to constructing the future. On the basis of these multi-disciplinary analyses, the report proposes four global scenarios for the world of 2020.

Designed for policymakers and professionals in the Euro-Mediterranean world, Mediterra 2008 provides a basis for discussion and decision-making and calls for solidarity in agricultural and environmental concerns at the Euro-Mediterranean level. In a world that has become multi-centred, it is imperative that Europe and the Mediterranean region join forces rather than lose momentum going their separate ways.

Mediterra has been produced under the scientific supervision of Mr. Bertrand Hervieu, Secretary-General of the International Centre of Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (Ciheam),an intergovernmental organisation that has become an authority on training, research and co-operation in the fields of agriculture, food and sustainable rural development in the Mediterranean region. Mediterra is published in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Italian).

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