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Deux degrés
Les sociétés face au changement climatique
Edwin Zaccai

Gouverner la décroissance
¨Politiques de l'anthropocène III
Governing degrowth
Politics of the anthropocene III
Agnès Sinaï, Mathilde Szuba
Can degrowth become a realistic alternative political model ? Governing growth rather than submitting to it : a new political history can be written, one in which the perspectives available are not only those of crisis but also those of creativity.

Gouverner le climat ?
20 ans de négociations internationales
Governing the Climate?
20 years of international negotiations
Stefan Aykut, Amy Dahan
Serving as a reference point on climate change and related strategical questions, this work examines the relationship between science and politics; the evolving geopolitics of climate; energy transition in Europe, the United States and major emerging countries; and the multiple links between climate change and globalisation.

Mathilde Isler - Politique étrangère (3/2015)

" [...] Face au constat d'échec du système de négociations climatiques établi tout au long du livre – malgré de réelles avancées, la situation actuelle semble paralysée –, le dernier chapitre se penche sur la question du changement de paradigme nécessaire pour une véritable lutte contre le changement... cont'd

Métropoles en Méditerranée
Gouverner par les rentes
Mediterranean metropolis
Government by dividends
Dominique Lorrain
Beirut, Cairo, Algiers, Istanbul: have they become ungovernable? Are they too dense, too polluted, too unequal? By delving into the fabric of their networks and institutions, this book shows that the major difficulties of these towns reflect not the lack of government, but rather its specific forms.

Accès à l'énergie en Europe
Les précaires invisibles
European Energy Access
Invisible Insecurity
François Bafoil, Ferenc Fodor, Dominique Le Roux
In a Europe with limited budgets and faltering solidarity, how can we reduce the fuel poverty of a growing percentage of the population? This volume compares policies developed in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Hungary to deal with this phenomenon.

Atlas des migrations environnementales
Environnemtal Migrations
Dina Ionesco, Daria Mokhnacheva, François Gemenne
Coordinated by three of the best experts in environmental migration, with the help of cartographers and specialists in computer graphics, this pioneering work provides the first comprehensive overview of the state of affairs in this area. With more than 100 maps and graphics, it possible solutions to this major 21st century challenge.

Agriculture, alimentation, pêche et mondes ruraux en Méditerranée
Atlas Mediterra, the new edition of CIHEAM's report, illustrates the diversity and complexity of the Mediterrean world and reveals the geo-economic, social, regional and political trends under way in the region.

Autrepart 81, 2017
Savoirs autochtones et développement
Mina Kleiche-Dray, et al.

Autrepart 83, 2017
et al.

La Consommation engagée
2e édition entièrement actualisée
Militant consumerism
Second Edition revised and updated
Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
Maintaining an ambiguous relationship with the market, being both opposed to and within it, militant consumerism is now a powerful movement, capable of influencing governments, legislators and economic actors.

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