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Le pouvoir régional
Mobilisations, décentralisation et gouvernance en France
Regional Power
Mobilisation, decentralisation and governance in France
Romain Pasquier
The process of decentralisation is progressing all over Europe. France is no exception. The author analyses the rise of the regions and offers a new perspective on contemporay France, where local actors play an increasing role in public legislation.

Gouverner la ville par projet
Urbanisme et gouvernance des villes européennes
Governing the City by Project
Urbanism and Governance in European Cities
Gilles Pinson
Gilles Pinson retraces the origins of large-scale urban projects of Marseille, Nantes, Venice, Turin, Manchester and analyses their impact on urbanism and urban governance.

Vin et politique
Bordeaux, la France, la mondialisation
Wine and Politics
Bordeaux, France, Globalization
Olivier Costa, Jacques de Maillard, Andy Smith
French wines, held precariously between a slump in domestic consumption and an augmentation of production in the nations of the new world, have seen their market share dissolve since the end of the 1990s. What are the remedies ?

Les nouvelles politiques locales
Dynamiques de l'action publique
Richard Balme, Alain Faure, Albert Mabileau

Les collectivités locales
Structures et finances
Jacques Blanc

Les disparités régionales de croissance
Analyse économique des départements situés dans le Centre-Est de la France, 1801-1962
Jean-Pierre Jobard

L'administration française
2. Administrations locales
Bernard Gournay

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