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L'invention du Monde
Une géographie de la mondialisation
The Invention of the World
A Geography of Globalization
Jacques Lévy

Critique internationale 38, janvier - mars 2008
Les chemins de la globalisation culturelle
et al.

Atlas de la mondialisation 2008
Comprendre l'espace mondial contemporain - Dossier spécial Chine
Globalization Atlas
Special Report on China
Marie-Françoise Durand, Philippe Copinschi, Benoît Martin, Delphine Placidi-Frot
More than an atlas, this book is a veritable tool box. Special focus on China : Comprised of maps, graphics and never before seen texts, this special report on China helps decode the issues of current upheavals.

Vin et politique
Bordeaux, la France, la mondialisation
Wine and Politics
Bordeaux, France, Globalization
Olivier Costa, Jacques de Maillard, Andy Smith
French wines, held precariously between a slump in domestic consumption and an augmentation of production in the nations of the new world, have seen their market share dissolve since the end of the 1990s. What are the remedies ?

La mondialisation
3e édition
Olivier Dollfus
A reference on globalization

Un nouveau contrat mondial
Pour une gouvernance social-démocrate
Global Covenant, The Social Democratic Alternative to the Washington Consensus
David Held
The author analyses the failure of international politics to deal with the consequences of September 11 and the war in Iraq.

Critique de la mondialisation
Questionning Globalization
Pierre de Senarclens
The author proposes a long-term analysis of institutional reforms to be undertaken at international level, the development of mechanisms for regional integration, and above all a reinforcement of democratic participation.

Exception culturelle et mondialisation
Cultural Exception and Globalization
Bernard Gournay
How can we understand the origins and the issues involved in the conflict around cultural exception, between the tenets of integral free-exchange and those of protectionism? The conflict remains to this day...

Maîtriser la mondialisation
La régulation sociale internationale
Pierre de Senarclens

Identité et démocratie dans un monde global
Identity and Democracy in a Global World
René Otayek
How are political identities created? Why do they spread so massively? Is Islam resistant to modernity? Are African or Arab societies condemned to political authoritarianism as a fact of culture?...

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