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Archéologie de la représentation politique
Structure et fondement d'une crise
The Archeology of Political Representation
Didier Mineur
This book addresses what is called the "crisis of representation". Parting from the idea that this is a rhetorical issue, it attempts to shed light on the truth of representative systems.

Intelligences de la France
Onze essais sur la politique et la culture
The French Way
Eleven essays on Politics and Culture
Philippe Urfalino, Martha Zuber
The essays cover four major themes: the political situation on the eve of the 2007 elections, the role of France in relations between Western/Eastern Europe after 1989, the link between politics and culture, and the metamorphoses of the modernizing state.

Le citoyen sentimental
Émotions et politique en démocratie
The Sentimental Citizen
Emotions and Politics in Democracy
Geroge E. Marcus

Carl Schmitt, penseur de l'État
Genèse d'une doctrine
Carl Schmitt, philosopher on the State
Genesis of a doctrine
Sandrine Baume

La situation postcoloniale
Les postcolonial studies dans le débat français
The Postcolonial Situation
Post–colonial studies in the French public debate.
Marie-Claude Smouts
This unique work presents the principal authors, concepts, and problems of postcolonial studies in a contrary, yet objective style.

Les identités difficiles
2e édition
Identity in Question
Alfred Grosser
A worthy reflection at a moment when questions of identity re-emerge with so much gravitas.

Repenser le nationalisme
Théories et pratiques
Rethinking Nationalism
Theories and Practices
A complete outline of the most recent theories and research on nationalism, whether theoretical, normative or analytical...

Tocqueville et l'esprit de la démocratie
"The Tocqueville review-La revue Tocqueville"
Tocqueville and the Spirit of Democracy
Laurence Guellec
Published on the occasion of the bicentenary of Tocqueville's birth this book brings together the best analyses of material written on the subject over the past 25 years in the Franco-American review dedicated to Tocqueville

Comprendre le monde pour le changer
Epistémologie du politique
Understanding the world to change it
Pierre Favre
How can we establish a science of facts and unique processes for political phenomena, and take measures of social acts as we would for political decisions?

La constellation des appartenances
Nationalisme, libéralisme et pluralisme
The Politics of Belonging
Nationalism, Liberalism, and Pluralism
Alain Dieckhoff
Authors in this volume deal with two main questions: the linkage between political liberalism and nationalism and the challenge of pluralism.

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