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Politiques publiques 1, La France dans la gouvernance européenne
Public Politics
1, France in European Governance
Olivier Borraz, Virginie Guiraudon

L'Élite des politiques de l'État
The Elite of State Politics
William Genieys
William Genieys advances the thesis of the emergence of a state political elite...

Tony Blair 1997-2007
Le bilan des réformes
An assessment of reforms
Florence Faucher, Patrick Le Galès
This work proposes an original analysis of the laboratory of New Labour and its effects on the life of the British citizens.

Europe centrale et orientale
Mondialisation, européanisation et changement social
Central and Eastern Europe
Globalisation, Europeanization and Social Change
François Bafoil
The most complete analysis of 15 years of transition and Europeanization of Central and Eastern Europe.

La France en mutation 1980-2005
Changing France 1980 - 2005

Gouverner par les instruments
Instruments of Public Politics
Pierre Lascoumes, Patrick Le Galès
This book presents new analyses of public policy : it studies the technology of governance and more especially the instruments used for putting public policy into practice.

L'Europe du médicament
Politique - Expertise - Intérêts privés
Pharmaceutical Europe
Politics - Valuation - Private Interests
Boris Hauray
How and why do we decide a medication is acceptable for use? What level of involvement does the pharmaceutical industry have in review procedures? Is the protection of public health ensured appropriately?...

Polices entre État et marché
Police, the State and the Market
Frédéric Ocqueteau
This work analyzes the mechanisms of promotion and legalization of different segments of the market of protection, discusses the notion of "police privatization" and the causes of the “state monopoly"...

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