Revue française de sociologie 55-2, avril-juin 2014

Revue française de sociologie 55-2, avril-juin 2014


In this issue

The religious revival among immigrants and their descendants in France
Hugues Lagrange

Segregation and incorporation of immigrants in France: magnitude and intensity from 1968 to 2007
Jean-Louis Pan Ké Shon, Gregory Verdugo

When merging is clearly the best way forward: the (re)birth of the University of Strasbourg
Christine Musselin, Mael Dif-Pradalier

Burgundy Winemakers and the Respect of the Environment. Occupational networks and dynamics of change
Claude Compagnone

Also of interest

La Lutte contre la corruption, le blanchiment, la fraude fiscale
L'exigence d'éthique dans les mouvements financiers
The fight against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion
The demand for ethics in financial movements
Michel Hunault


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