Les migrations environnementales

Les migrations environnementales

Enjeux et gouvernance
Christel Cournil, Benoît Mayer
Environmental Migration
Governance and Issues

Humans have always adapted to environmental changes by migrating.

On a planet with 7 billion people, and which is dealing with unprecedented climatic phenomena — global warning, rising sea levels, the disruption of weather patterns, the proliferation of natural disasters — migration has suddenly assumed an alarming magnitude.

The number of 'climate migrants' is estimated to reach 250 million by 2050. How is this issue being addressed and discussed today? What are the international governance mechanisms already in place, and which should be implemented in the next few years? What role can and should international law play?

Examining this immense challenge for the international community, this volume presents an overview of the current research and debates on the issue of environmental migration, with an added emphasis on legal matters and issues of governance.

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