L'invention du PACS

L'invention du PACS

Pratiques et symboliques d'une nouvelle forme d'union
The Invention of the PACS (Civil Pact of Solidarity)
The Practical and Symbolic Implications of a New Type of Union

The French response to the political question of same-sex marriage, the Civil Pact of Solidarity (PACS) is an ambivalent juridic text inspired by the matrimonial institution on certain points and borrowing from the sprit of free love on others.

A symbol of recognition for same-sex couples, still kept apart from marriage, the PACS has progressively inserted itself into French society, normalizing itself to the point where today, ten years after its adoption, it's used in massive numbers by heterosexual couples. This book puts itself at the crossroads of a sociology of legal institutions and a sociology of private life.

Wilfried Rault is a Sociologist and Head of Research at l'Institut national d'études démographiques (INED).

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