Keynes ou l'économiste citoyen

Keynes ou l'économiste citoyen

Keynes or the Citizen Economist
2nd Edition

Doubtless, never has the weight of the economy been as powerful in political and social life, and never has the philosophy of Keynes been so topical, yet misunderstood. On top of the famous policies of macro-economic pump priming and the fight against unemployment, the message of Keynes offers a completely original vision of the relationship between economy and society.

At the very origin of Keynesian analysis is a rare reflection on the psychology of men and their relationship with money, a unique theory of the future and uncertainty, parting from the justification of profit—a revolutionary concept of the market. Today Keynes can teach us how the economy, which seems to be temporarily emancipated from the society in which it functions, can once again become a civilized citizen.

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