Monarchies et sociétés d'Arabie

Monarchies et sociétés d'Arabie

Le temps des confrontations
Fatiha Dazi-Heni
Preface by Gilles Kepel
Monarchies and Societies of Arabia
Confrontations Times

The decade 1990 and the world post-2001 constitute one period hinge for monarchies of Arabia: international pressure, replacement of the leading elites by their heirs, economic reforms to face globalization, surge of young people, massive presence of migrants, lowers standard of living, confrontation between aspirations with the modern life and traditional resistances, appearances of new elites, etc…

It is to take up these internal challenges that the leaders of these countries started new policy guidelines that the author endeavours to analyze thanks to his frequent stays on the ground and the many bonds woven as well with personalities of the civil company as with the leader elites.

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