Aphorismes et citations politiques

Aphorismes et citations politiques

Aphorisms and Political Quotations

Refusing the media's reality and high militant ideals, Guy Hermet offers a selection of little ironic, burlesque phrases, revealing in a few short, memorable words the hidden nature of things.

Each contains a little something to sharpen the spirit, at the mercy of their subjects, offering insight into the evolution of modes of thought and the questioning of authority, the State, the people, equality, democracy, and liberty. More than a dictionary of quotes, this anthology of "inpolticial" aphorisms on the governing and the governed, civil and uncivil virtues, is a counterpoint to the politically correct. It offers an intellectual and impertinent journey, from the thinkers of antiquity to the politicians and humorists of today, in France and beyond.

To skim through these pages is to travel through time, history, and to invite the most brilliant and twisted dinner guests in politics, from Thucydides to Sarkozy, from Stalin to Mandela, from Churchill to Pierres Desproges.

The author: Guy Hermet is a political scientist. He has taught at Sciences Po Paris, in Lausanne, Geneva, Brussells, Montreal and Bogota, and has published numerous “politcalogical” works, notably on the history of democracy, democratic transitions, populism and nationalism.

Guy Hermet

Directeur de recherche à la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, professeur à l'Institut d'études politiques de Paris, à l'Université de Paris et à l'Université de Lausanne (en 1989)

Exporter la démocratie ?
Exporting Democracy ?
Guy Hermet
Succumbing neither to absolute pessimism nor to blindness, this work reviews the likelihood of the consolidation of young democracies and the establishment of numerous, enduring authoritarian systems...

Culture et développement
Culture and Development
Guy Hermet
Applying a critical perspective, this work analyzes the notions of social and cultural capital and their practical applications to the subject of development...

Les catholiques dans l'Espagne franquiste
Vol. 2: Chronique d'une dictature
Guy Hermet

Les catholiques dans l'Espagne franquiste
Vol. 1: Les acteurs du jeu politique
Guy Hermet

Des élections pas comme les autres
Guy Hermet, Juan J. Linz, Alain Rouquié

Les communistes en Espagne
Etude d'un mouvement politique clandestin
Guy Hermet

Le problème méridional de l'Espagne
Les facteurs sociaux du développement
Guy Hermet


Repenser le nationalisme
Théories et pratiques
Rethinking Nationalism
Theories and Practices
A complete outline of the most recent theories and research on nationalism, whether theoretical, normative or analytical...

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Identité singulière et mémoire partagée
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Singular Identity and Collective Memory
Florence Haegel, Marie-Claire Lavabre


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