Aider à la création d'entreprise

Aider à la création d'entreprise

Pierre-Yves Cabannes, Denis Fougère
Encouraging New Business Creation

Entrepreneurs in France have access to many forms of public financial support. Some kinds overlap, while others can be substituted for each other. Although the average quantity of aid provided is relatively small, the sum of all the funds thus implicated is significant.

How can we measure the effectiveness of this public assistance? Does it help develop innovative and lucrative activities? Does it encourage companies to set up shop in disadvantaged areas, or contribute to lowering unemployment rates in underserved neighbourhoods? Should public funding be better accompanied by start-up training and new business monitoring during the first two or three years?

In order to find a concrete and empirical answer to these questions, this work reviews the main kinds of public financial support available in France and provides an analysis of the different measures implemented in France and abroad.

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