Le sexe de la mondialisation

Le sexe de la mondialisation

Genre, classe, race et nouvelle division du travail
Jules Falquet, Helena Hirata, Danièle Kergoat, Brahim Labari, Nicky Le Feuvre, Fatou Sow
The Sex of Globalization
Gendre, class, race and the new division of labor

Gender is a central organizer of contemporary neoliberal globalization. Whether it is to understand the international division of labor, mobility and migration, war or even the transnationalism of social movements, gender is, with ties to class and race, an indispensable analytical clue.

In effect, women constitute one of the primary sources of profit for global capitalism and, simultaneously, one of the most active social groups in the conception and production of alternatives to globalization.

Uniting international specialists on issues rarely confronted such as the role of women in the global south and their movements, overt militarization and "low intensity" wars, or the ever-unpaid work of women, this work fundamentally renews criticism of the economic, social, political, cultural, and ideological consequences of globalization.

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