Les finances de l'ONU

Les finances de l'ONU

ou la crise permanente
Morgan Larhant
UN Finances
Or the permanent crisis

UN finances have always been a highly controversial subject, provoking intense rivalry between member states. Over the course of its seventy-year crisis-marked history, member states have tried - whether consciously or not – to weaken the institution financially and have never hesitated to use the budgetary sphere to prolong debates.

This book combines history, international relations and public finances to provide an implicit portrayal of an institution in which money is as much a political subject as it is budgetary. It reveals the mysteries of a still-imperfect multilateralism and calls for reform of the financial and administrative governance of the UN, so that this institution might finally fulfil the hopes placed in it.

Civil administrator at the Ministry of Finance, Morgan Larhant was the French representative to the UN budget committee. Today he is an advisor in economic and financial affairs within France's permanent delegation to the European Union.

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