La Consommation engagée

La Consommation engagée

2e édition entièrement actualisée
Militant consumerism
Second Edition revised and updated

Buying organic, refusing advertising, boycotts, eco-villages, veganism…

Militant consumerism takes many forms but they all make the market a place for political protest against the excesses of capitalism and accumulation society.

As early as the 18th century the idea emerged that citizens can come together to change the noxious tendencies of society. Since then, this movement has not stopped growing and extending its influence. Causes of social justice are now accompanied by struggles against the destruction of the environment, for local food networks, against animal exploitation, for ethics in exchanges, et cetera.

Maintaining an ambiguous relationship with the market, being both opposed to and within it, militant consumerism is now a powerful movement, capable of influencing governments, legislators and economic actors.

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