La  politique soviétique au Moyen-Orient. 1955-1975

La politique soviétique au Moyen-Orient. 1955-1975

Présent in the Middle East for the last twenty years, the USSR, over the course of this period, has never ceased in trying to improve her position with the Arab world. The history of Soviet relations with the Middle East, however, has not always followed a précise plan, and the changing attitudes towards one country or another hâve oftentimes seemed baffling. vNevertheless, the USSR, despite difficulties, has realized the future importance of the Middle East, not only because ofits energy resources and geographical importance but also because of the révolution, intellectual and moral as well as an économie and social one, which is slowly developping there. This, for the Soviets, holds long term significance and therefore, the USSR considers it essential to understand and aid thèse changes.