La stratégie secrète de la Drôle de guerre

La stratégie secrète de la Drôle de guerre

Le Conseil suprême interallié, septembre 1939 avril 1940
François Bédarida
When France and Great-Britain entered the war on 3 September 1939, a common decision-making wartime agency had just been established : the Suprême War Council. However, of the countless plans drafted by the Council (an expédition to Salonika, mining the Rhine, assisting Finland through Petsamo or Narvik, bombing Caucasia) none was carried ont. When real opérations were started in Norway in April 1940, the resuit was a complète fiasco. This book covers almost hour by hour the often dramatic discussions of Chamberlain, Daladier, Reynaud, Churchill..., while the allied military chiefs were paralysed by their feeling of inferiority and preferred to conduct the « phoney war » rather than war itself.

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