Le Théâtre contestataire

Le Théâtre contestataire

Protest theatre

Whether it thrills the imagination by poking fun at the powers that be, or whether it challenges spectators to question their passivity in society, protest theatre aims to mobilise viewers and to disrupt the established order.

What role do playwrights have in an authoritarian regime? What meaning can we give to protest theatre in a democratic context? From France to the United States, via Brazil and Argentina, Mathilde Arrigoni investigates the militant, artistic and professional logics at work in dramatic art that has become a political weapon. Through the study of demonstrations in defence of entertainment workers she also questions the way in which social struggle has been enriched by artistic practice. By combining classical sociological tools with the analysis of works, authors, and protest groups, she explores the sometimes collusive and often conflicted links between theatre and power.

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Sociétés contemporaines 112, 2018
Socialisation (et) politique
Yassin Boughaba, Alexandre Dafflon, Camille Masclet, et al.





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